Imagine a picture of 900 stampeding cattle....

In Nevada we stopped at the Bruneau River in Nevada/Idaho at a dilapitated hot spring resort. Children, cats, dogs, goats & chickens were everywhere. The owners had even caught a small red fox and cruelly had him chained to a building. A road ran through the middle of camp and it crossed the very fast moving river with a small one-lane bridge. The hot spring was a welcome addition to the trip in a swimming pool on the other side of the small bridge.


We woke at 5 am with a rooster at the door of our tent crowing his heart out. The guys laughed at me when I threw a pillow at him and yelled "Go Away!". Minutes later several diesel trucks pulled into the campground and someone was shouting orders a clank, clank, clank noise sounded like someone was banging on pipes. I peeked out the window and said "There are four cowboys building a steel fence six feet from the back of our tent!" About 20 minutes later a dozen cowboys on horseback came driving 900 head of yearling cattle down the hill. The noise and confusion were immense. However, the cows were terrified of so much civilization as this rustic resort presented. They turned tail and ran back up the hill -- stampede fashion. The horses were lathered up, the cowboys were yelling "hey! yaa!"and there was lots of confusion and dust and whistling and mooing and lowing and the sound of 3600 or so hooves. We felt like we were in the middle of a John Wayne movie. Imagine. As the cows ran off up the hill (leaving many calling cards) the rancher came over and said "Sorry to wake you up so early! The forest service said we had to take them across this bridge to avoid polluting the river. Guess we're going to have to swim them across now." We said "No problem! Thanks for the western style entertainment! He dismounted, handing the reins to a woman and drove away in one of the trucks. She explained that she is his wife and they are from the FlatCreek Ranch in Idaho. They told us about the drive and the intern cowboys from Japan that are with them for a year long program. We packed up and drove up the canyon to see the sun rising and a miles-long single file string of cows and cowboys going up a canyon trail to the ridge on the other side. Hopefully this paints a good enough picture as our camera unfortunately broke the day before.

We bought a new camera in Twin Falls.




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