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New Partner
We are thrilled to have John Roberts and his lovely wife, Kathy, as our new boat partners. John has proven a high level of enthusiasm and the desire to learn, race and sail, sail, sail. Welcome, John & Kathy!!



How Yellow Belly Got Her Name
The story goes that Bill had a hole in his production schedule and made Ed a deal he couldn't refuse. Ed thought it would be better to have a partner in crime and asked Don to join him in ownership. Both Ed and Don, being engineers and all, weren't picky about color. As a matter of fact, Ed professes to be a little color blind in colors of green and yellow. Carolina Rodgers helped Ed pick the colors and the name followed. When the boat was built the merry band of builders at Bill's shop christened her the "Sloop John Deere", hence the deer logo on her 1.5 ounce spinnaker, John Deere decals and tractor paraphenalia throughout our life, home, cars etc. And we sailed happily ever after...