Pinnacles '99
Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails

There are many good trails in the Pinnacles. Spring & fall are great seasons to hike amongst the volcanic spires. Summer gets very hot and there is no water on the trails. In addition to hiking, rock climbing is a popular sport at the Pinnacles. Only experienced climbers should attempt these technical climbs. Climbers are asked to register at the visitor center first.

The views of the valley from High Peaks is spctacular.

Bench Trail - Easy; access to park facilities from Pinnacles Campground, Inc., via Chalone Creek; 1.3 miles.

Old Pinnacles - Easy; access between Chalone Creek and Balconies Cliffs along Canyon bottom; easy route across park via Balconies trail; 2.3 miles.

Moses Spring/Bear Gulch Caves - Moderate., leads from visitor center to reservoir passing over eaves or through caves; self-guiding; 1 mile.

Bear Gulch - Moderate; access between visitor center and Chalone Creek; pleasant shaded walk along canyon bottom; 1.6 miles.

Balconies Trail - Moderate; access between Chaparral ranger station and Balconies cliffs and caves; good overall examples of park features; self-guiding; 1.4 miles.

Tunnel Trail - Moderate; (but access is only via the strenuous High Peaks or Juniper Canyon trails); excellent views; 1.2 miles. With High Peaks segment creates a 1.9 mile loop through the peaks.

High Peaks - Strenuous; steep trail with excellent views; begins at visitor center, ends at Chalone Creek; 5.3 miles.

Condor Gulch - Strenuous; begins at visitor center; good views of pinnacles; connects with High Peaks Trail for a 5.1-mile loop through the peaks; 1.7 miles.

Juniper Canyon - Strenuous; access from Chaparral ranger station to High Peaks via Tunnel Trail to Scout Peak or Hawkins Peak; excellent views; 1.8 miles.

Chalone Peak - Strenuous; long climb from reservoir to the highest point in the park; vistas from peak; for hardy climbers; 3.3 miles.

North Wilderness - Very strenuous, connects Chaparral Campground with North Fork of Chalone Creek; unmaintained; for experienced hiker only; 7.6 miles.

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