Windy Wellington

David Sheard's brother Paul is a good friend of ours at home. While in Wellington, we looked him up and he asked us to spend the night on his boat, the S. S. Thistle. We had a wonderful dinner and toured the town, seeing the Wellington Library. The city is modern and pulsing with activity and economic health. We really enjoyed being with David and hearing stories about Paul's youth.

That night the wind came up and the boat became an instrument. The wind absolutely howls between the islands and Wellington's harbor is uprotected. We felt like we were sleeping in a violin! Or not sleeping! In the morning the wind came up even more. If you have read the rain poem under Wetland then you'll know what I mean when I say someone should write a wind poem about Wellington. The funny thing is that during Cyclone Fergus Wellington, perverse as it is, was a millpond!