Southland - Bluff

An evening's drive into Bluff is a drive to the bottom of the world.

Here we found a fire drill in progress and took the opportunity to trade brother Dave's fireman t-shirt for a Bluff variety fire shirt. All of the firemen were anxious to get Dave's shirt. When we asked if they would trade they started pulling off their sweaty shirts to trade the captain hollered "Not a sweaty one! John, you go back to the station and get your good one!" John hopped in the fire engine (an El Dorado type car/truck) and peeled off down the street to return moments later with his red shirt. The gesture was so genuine that we were really pleased. However, the pilled shirt left a little to be desired.
When we presented it to Dave he said, "Hey! they have dingle berries too!"
"Yes, we answered, but these are counter clockwise dingle berries!"