It is bliss to be at home again with the kitties, hot tub and lots of space to call our own. JB met us at the airport with Geoff swept us off to Mom and Dads for a party and then finally took us home. We'd been up for a couple of days at that point and were fairly punchy. We'd been home about a half hour when the Crabpot Castle opened for business (and pleasure!) again. Our friend Donna and her son Ian were in town and wondered if they could stay. An hour or so later my sister, Carol and Dave arrived to say hello. Claire from San Francisco droppped in for a couple of hours the next morning. Eddie and Lindsay came to say hello for a bit, too.

We discovered that the house had been hit by a tremendous power surge and had taken out a good number of our electronics. TV, stereo, VCR, washing machine, UPS, phones, light bulbs, microwave and on and on. The list is still growing. We have spent many hours between the repair shops, insurance agents and waiting for repairmen at home. But we're still delighted to be here!!!

We're slowly getting used to the frantic pace of life here and remembering our time in New Zealand very, very fondly.

Hope you are well.

Our best,

Sandi & Ed