East Cape

Gisbourne is a lovely working town. We found a lovely restaurant on the water and enjoyed a leisurely meal. Here we visited with the parents of the people we met in Milford Sound. They were delighted to meet us and told us all about their town, family and the lovely marshy river in front of their house. A pheasant wandered by as we spoke and then a heron landed on a stump across the river to look for his dinner.

The East Cape is just one of the many peninsulas that we enjoyed for their isolation and sunshine. The discovery of the botantical gardens gave me an hour or so of pleasure. This pahoutakowa tree was in full bloom just days before Christmas. We drove out a long gravel road and then hiked through sheep fields to the top of an outcropping to see the East Cape Light.

We drove around the large land mass and found Warahau and the keyhole bay where the bach is located.