Cylcone Drena - Auckland

Our last day proved to be eventful. Cyclone Drena arrived in the evening and our last drive around Auckland Harbor with Tim in about 50 knots of wind was exciting. The swells in Auckland's protected harbor were so big that boats were disappearing between them. When we opened the window, we were sandblasted and arriving home in San Jose I still had sand in my hair.

We had already experienced Cyclone Fergus 10 days prior in the Bay of Islands on Max. Mark and Dana anxiously put out more ground tackle to avoid the worst case. This trimaran in Auckland fared worse with the waves although we saw it on the news when we arrived home.

The photo of this trimaran was picked up by the New Zealand weather service and used in a publication "The ghost of cyclones past" and on their web site.

We took off from Auckland airport in a strong crosswind during the cyclone. It was the worst takeoff experience I'd ever had. Hats off to the pilot, but there were a lot of white faces.