Tim and Paul are the two fellows who came to the US to sail the International 14 World
Championships in 1989. When they were done in San Francisco, Willi (of Toronto)
called up and asked if he could bring them for dinner. I said fine but why not have them
bring their toothbrushes and stay the night? They stayed five months and were a
tremendous asset to us during the 1989 quake aftermath. In NZ we met their
families and friends and saw where they worked and lived and even a bit of their dreams.
We stayed in Mairangi Bay at the home of Natalie and Peter, Tim's folks, while we
were in Auckland. Bryce, Paul's dad arranged a lease car through his panel beater
shop for us which was a terrific vehicle for the trip (Toyota Camary automatic station
wagon). We took full advantage and drove thousands of miles. Here are some more photos
of our many stays in Auckland.