Capitola Beach

Capitola is a seaside village on the Monterey Bay in California. The village was founded in the 1800's as a resort town. Today, the former tent sites of Camp Capitola have been built on and some of the cottages by the river are still on tent sized lots. At one time it was hoped that Capitola would become the capitol of California, thus the name. However, this never came to be. In the 40's the Venetian Courts were built and have a brass plaque in front declaring that they are the first California Condiminiums, a dubiuos distinction. These are the pastel colored buildings on the left in this photo.

The village is filled with small shops, coffee shops, restaurants and bars that sit between the Esplanade and the beach. The picture was taken from the wharf. Our house is beyond the tallest trees that are to the left of center in the picture.