Big Sur
sea otter notes

Sea Otters in Big Sur
Kirk Creek Beach & Otter Reserves
If you've never seen an otter playing in the surf, you've never re-lived childhood. Cavorting and spinning, diving and surfing, the otter is one of our most playful wild creatures. Take a walk to the beach at one of the otter preserves and if you are lucky, you'll see them.

The sea otter population extended from Mexico to Japan at the turn of the century. Northern California's Fort Ross was a Russian fur harvesting post bent on extinction of these playful creatures. They were hunted nearly to extinction and in 1937, during the construction of the Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur, a population of 30 or so otters was found. They were the last remaining otters of the extensive Pacific population. Today, the species has made a remarkable recovery, and are still on the threatened species list.


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