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Point Sur Light Station - The Historic Point Sur Light Station sits 361 feet above the surf on a large block of volcanic rock. Construction on the light began in 1887 and was completed two years later. The Light is 19 miles south of Rio Road in Carmel and is open on Saturday and Sunday for docent led tours at 10 am and 2 pm (Sat only) depending on wind conditions. The walk is approximately 1/2 mile up an access road with a 361 ft elevation change. There are two flights of stairs the longer having 65 steps. Tours last 3 hours and no one will be allowed to stay in their car. Moonlight tours are scheduled for full moon evenings starting around 6 pm. Arrive 1/2 hour before tour as space is limited. For more information call 831-625-4419. Tours are $5 for adults and $3 for children. Be prepared for cold windy weather all year. Hot and cold beverages are available at the visitors center, but you are not allowed to bring your own. The coastline has been the site of many disastrous shipwrecks including the US Navy Dirigible Macon.

Point Lobos State Reserve, "The jewel of the State Parks" is just south of Carmel. The park has a dozen trails and beautiful rocky coastline. It is an excellent place for viewing sea otters and Gray Whales (December - May). The underwater reseerve is open for diving by permit. The Ecological Reserve is completely totally protected. The Park includes 554 acres of land and 750 submerged acres. Diving reservations are available by emailing or calling (831) 624-8413. Additional park information is available on the web site or by calling (831) 624-4909

Naciamiento Road to the ridge - great views then come back to Hwy one or over the ridge on Fergusson Road to the closed Fort Hunter Liggett and eventually Hwy 101.

Four Wheeling
Plaskett Ridge Road - 6.7 miles to Coast Ridge Road - not well maintained, great views of the coast from 2000 ft altitude. Passes through grassland, oaks and pines.

Eating Out
Nepenthe is a quintessential Big Sur experience. Their food is simple, the atmosphere is Big Sur and the shop is bizarre. Avoid it if there are heaps of busses in the lot.

Ventana is a wonderful place to propose. Sweeping vistas and careful architecture make this spot a favorite for travellers.

Horseback Riding
Molera Horseback Tours to the beach 1-800-942-5486

Jade Cove - 2 miles south of Sand Dollar Beach is famous for its jade.

Big Sur Marathon - Held annually the last Sunday in April. If you are not in it, you may want to avoid the road closure of Highway One during the morning of the event. (831) 625-6226.

Big Sur Reservations - (831) 667-2929

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