Casa des Ballenas

 Bahia de Los Angeles
Baja, Mexico

Casa des Ballenas 
Casa des Ballenas y des Bassanos
 Made in the Shade
The new addition
  The Bassanos have spent a tremendous amount of energy making this former garage into a comfortable dwelling where we have spent many hours.  The slats around the balcony are made from cardon cactus that have fallen and dried over several years.

The aquarium

 Rincon Public Library
The public library

 Rainy's artistry and sense of humor are showcased in her detailed murals. Here she has painted the outdoor shower as an aquarium where feeding times are at 8-6.

You have to get your shower at around 3:30 in the afternoon as it gets cold and the sun goes down at 4:30 in the winter. Bahia des Los Angeles is on the eastern edge of the Pacific Time Zone.

 The neighbors donated their outdoor closet as the public library after much community discussion about locating it at the local gathering place (the dump). After reading the six books I had brought with me, I went on a hunt for reading material. Dennis suggested the library. When I found it it was an unorderly collection of books. I undertook to organize it by category.

The neighbors

 Brithday Dinner
Bruno's Birthday
   The buzzards sun themselves atop the cardon cactus everyday. This is a common site in Baja.  Bruno Forcella accompanied us to Baja and during our stay he turned 24 years old. He was given much advice for his years ahead.
"Buy the Mustang!"
Sunset from the porch
 The evenings in Bahia are lovely. They are filled with sunsets and stars. On our last evening this soft display of hues bid us farewell until next time.

 Sandi and Ed in the hammock (circa 1990) before the stone wall was built.



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