Bruno Forcella

 Bahia de Los Angeles

Baja, Mexico

The peak above the house is 1300 feet of volcanic scrabble and decomposed granite. We hiked up one windy day when we couldn't get out on the water.

Another windy day outings was to the cardon forest, or cardonal, in the aluvial fan that recedes into the valley behind Dennis and Rainy's home.

(L to R: Dennis, Rainy, Bruno, Ed)



Bruno became reacquainted with the sailboard.

One of the neighbors had a Seadoo which provided hours of wakeboarding. 

Bruno surfing in the kayak.

Above is a whale shark. They grow to be over 70
feet long. This one was a baby at over 25 feet long.
Its head is about 5 feet across. The whale shark is a plankton eater and goes around the bay sucking in water at the surface. We were able to take the boat within inches of them and observe them closely.

While Ed and I were watching and photographing in the front of the boat, Bruno quietly slipped into the water between the boat and the whale shark. We turned to see what he was doing and we could not believe it. He took a hold of the fin and the shark, which was surprised and took off, hitting Bruno with his tail as he swam quickly away. Bruno jumped quickly back on the boat and was roundly teased by Dennis for "jumping on the back of the whale" without any "foreplay".

     In our many trips to out to the Sea of Cortez, we fished, went ashore, explored and watched whales and dolphins at play. Here we were looking at a small bay on an island just outside Bahia de Los Angeles.


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