Baja Botany

 Bahia de Los Angeles

Baja, Mexico

The Cardon Cactus is a wonderfully impressive structure. Cardons grow at an average rate of 1 foot every three years. Cardon reach a height of 15 meters. Some Cardon are believed to be over 200 years old and weigh 10 tons.

One of our windy day outings was to the cardon forest, or cardonal, in the aluvial fan that recedes into the valley behind Dennis and Rainy's home.

(L to R: Dennis, Rainy, Bruno, Ed)


Ancient plant with
young man.
    This is a Teddy Bear Cholla cactus. They are quite prickly and stick quite well to the cows of Baja. The dark cow has cholla on its face.
  The cholla wood is a wonderful texture and is prized for flower arrangements. You have to be careful when you gather the dried wood because it also makes an excellent scorpion hotel.

Sand Verbena

Wild Garden 

This plant quickly grows leaves after a rain and once the soil dries, it sheds its leaves. It is covered with red flowers after a rain. Fences are built with Ocotillo and often take root giving the farmer a living fence.


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